Image of Culinary Set of 3

Culinary Set of 3


You want it, you got it! I've designed these to be the flagship culinary knives that I will hold a limited number of in inventory. Just choose your handle material and purchase. I am currently building the inventory so there will be about a 3 week wait from ordering till delivery, so I am offering a 10% discount for your patience— just use code "PRESALE" at checkout.

• 8 inch gyuto style chefs knife. High flat bevels
• 6 inch nakiri (or usuba, you decide). Right-handed. High flat bevel on the left, convex chisel on the right for food release
• 4 inch paring knife with flat bevels

• Made from 1095 high carbon steel
• 3/32 inch thick at the handle
• Hardened only on the edge to provide toughness
• Belt finished

• Pictured are the special edition DURM design– made to represent the city of Durham, NC. White Oak with blue, yellow & red detail
• 5/8" at the thickest point
• Available in Black Walnut, Osage Orange, White Oak, Curly Maple and Sycamore (will not have the Durham colors unless requested)

These are made via stock removal (ground to shape with an abrasive) and heat treated in a forge. They are tempered to be close to 61 Rockwell (a very hard edge that will need minimal sharpening). Being high carbon steel, they will develop a lovely patina over time. If they aren't kept clean and dry they may develop corrosion that can be easily removed with a Scotch-Brite® pad.

These are available for convenience, but if you would like to customize your handle in any way, I am still happy to accommodate. Just shoot me an email and let's chat.

Available individually.

18 or older to order.
All sales final.
Product will vary slightly due to the handmade nature.

Image of Culinary Set of 3 Image of Culinary Set of 3
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